Industry Engagement Advisory Committee 

IEAC Members

  • Sven Buder, ANU
  • Simon Ellingsen, ICRAR/UWA
  • Annie Handmer, Industry (Optus Satellite and Space Systems)
  • Jenny Jiang, ANU
  • David Martin, Industry (Australian Industry Group)
  • Lee Spitler, Macquarie University
  • Asha Stabback, ICRAR/UWA

In order to make informed decisions upon investments in astronomy infrastructure, AAL relies upon strategic and technical advice from its advisory committees. Facilitated and coordinated engagement between astronomers and industry is a priority of the Decadal Plan.

AAL’s members are all Australian research organisations with a substantial astronomical research capability and therefore it is the ideal organisation to coordinate that engagement. The Industry Engagement Advisory Committee (IEAC) will provide expert advice on AAL activities in the area and more broadly on sector-wide requirements. 

Terms of reference

IEAC will meet quarterly via video conference. 

The AAL Board will appoint members to IEAC in November. Appointments will be made for one- or two-year terms from January 1, 2024.

  • IEAC will comprises of six members (including the Chair).
  • AAL is responsible for appointing Chair and Deputy Chair positions on the committee.
  • AAL aims for institutional, geographical, career stage and gender diversity across its advisory committees.

See more about AAL’s Industry Engagement program here.