AAL Space Science Leads Committee

The AAL Space Science Leads Committee is tasked with representing Australian astronomers at national and international space fora. The Committee will work with the AAL Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer.

The Space Science Leads Committee shall:

  • Identify opportunities that could add value to AAL’s current business model in engaging with space science sector.
  • Engage with the Australian Space Agency and other space sector stakeholders to extend the scope of research and development activity for the Australian astronomy community.
  • Review the space engagement opportunities according to national research policy and priorities consistent with the current version of the Decadal Plan and make recommendations to the AAL Board.
  • Liaise between Australian space agencies and international space agencies to represent interests of Australian astronomy.
Membership and appointments process
  • The Space Science Leads Committee will be appointed by the AAL Board in the open process of nominations advertised to the astronomy community.
  • The Chair and other members will be appointed by a recommendation of the AAL Board.
  • The Committee shall contain between four and five members.
  • Members will have expertise/interests in space astronomy programs, and large and complex space industry projects.
  • The majority of members are to be from institutions supporting Australian space programs.
  • Membership composition shall be in accordance with AAL aims for institutional, geographical, career stage and gender diversity across its advisory committees.
  • The normal term will be for 24 months, with a range of 18-30 months appointments being made if required in order to stagger them.
  • The Chair and Committee members agree to abide by the AAL Code of Conduct and other guidelines.

The Space Science Leads Committee will meet at least twice a year, two to three weeks before AAL Board meeting. These meetings may be carried out by videoconference or in person. Quarterly updates shall be circulated by the Chair of the Committee to the relevant AAL staff for consideration by the AAL Board.

If any issues arise requiring urgent attention, the Chair will call an ad hoc meeting of the Committee.