AAL Committees

In order to make informed decisions about the best way to invest in astronomy infrastructure, Astronomy Australia Limited relies upon strategic and technical advice from its advisory committees. AAL committee members are encouraged to engage with their colleagues in order to understand and reflect the views of the wider astronomy community. AAL aims for institutional, geographical, career stage and gender diversity across its advisory committees.

Please see the menu to the left or the list below for AAL’s current committee list. Click on each committee to be taken to their dedicated webpage:

Strategic advice to the AAL Board comes from ASAC and, on commercialisation matters, from the Industry Engagement Committee. AAL funds a number of astronomy infrastructure projects and facilities, and oversight of these facilities is managed by APOC.

AAL also maintains a number of resource allocation committees. ASTAC is tasked with allocating the time given to astronomy on several supercomputers including OzSTAR (Swinburne’s supercomputer) and Gadi (NCI’s supercomputer). In 2017, AAL established the Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS), and now manages ADACS TAC. As manager of the AAT Consortium, AAL also maintains the ATAC. AAL also forms other short-term technical working groups as required.

Interested in joining an AAL Committee?

AAL has a set timeline for appointments to our committees, and positions are advertised via online calls when required. If you would like to become a member of an AAL Committee, please get in touch via [email protected], as we are always willing to discuss the process of member selection or possible future positions with interested parties.

AAL is committed through its Values Statement to equity and diversity and endeavours to provide a flexible and supportive environment for its committee members. We offer general and case-specific support to those whose personal circumstances may otherwise limit their ability to participate in AAL’s committees, including those with caring responsibilities and people living with disability. This support includes flexible travel allowances and enabling AAL’s committee members to defer membership if required, or participate in committee activities while on parental leave.