The Australian Optical Data Centre (ODC) is a data archive and management service developed by the Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO) at Macquarie University. ODC facilitates multi-wavelength data science via an ecosystem of next-generation web tools and services and provides a home for all optical datasets of major national significance, with intuitive access to legacy, current and future optical surveys in Australia.

The SkyMapper telescopes finishes its final observations for the night under moonlight at Siding Spring Observatory, while dawn begins to break on the horizon. Credit: Angel Lopez Sanchez.

The ODC combines the expertise and capabilities in both the Data Central and SkyMapper teams to deliver, in collaboration, a data centre to meet the needs of the Australian astronomical community.

The ODC provides a method of working seamlessly across an array of datasets in different wavelengths. The system displays automatically cross-matched data to the user, facilitating new discoveries through multi-wavelength science.

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