• Chris Power, UWA (Chair)
  • Luke Barnes, Western Sydney University
  • Taissa Danilovich, Monash 
  • Sabrina Einecke, University of Adelaide
  • Minh Huynh, CSIRO (ex-officio)
  • Claudia Lagos, UWA (ex-officio)
  • Simon O’Toole, Macquarie (ex-officio)
  • Marcin Sokolowski, Curtin University

The purpose of ADACS Time Allocation Committee (ADACS TAC) is to allocate data and computing expert service resources to the astronomy community, primarily through a call for applications and a merit-based evaluation of those applications. 

Terms of reference

ADACS TAC meets and allocates time twice per year as a minimum or as demand requires, via video conferencing. ADACS may request advice from the ADACS TAC on out-of-session applications or on related matters if such a need arises. 

Members of ADACS TAC are appointed by the AAL Board via an application process (organised by AAL) and are installed for a two-year fixed term, with the possibility of renewal. In addition:

  • AAL is responsible for appointing Chair and Deputy Chair positions on the committee. The Chair position is typically a one year term, reporting to the AAL board.
  • AAL aims for institutional, geographical, career stage and gender diversity across its advisory committees.

ADACS will provide administrative, logistical, and secretarial support for the ADACS TAC. ADACS is funded by and reports to the AAL Board through an AAL appointed committee.