Governance and Contacts

The partnership between Australian astronomers, represented by AAL, and the German eROSITA Consortium (eROSITA_DE), provides exciting new opportunities for multi-wavelength astronomy projects across the southern sky.

In 2013, CAASTRO and the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics signed a memorandum of understanding designed to promote collaborations between Australian scientists and members of the eROSITA consortium. AAL has taken over responsibility for the agreement with eROSITA and will promote collaborative projects utilising data, models, algorithms and simulations associated with eROSITA and Australia’s astronomical facilities.​

The MoU agreement between AAL and eROSITA_DE covers all astronomers at Australian Institutions. A large number of current and planned Australian surveys provide data for multi-wavelength projects, using the national and international facilities participating in this collaboration.

Such projects should be formally proposed to, approved by and monitored by a joint AAL/eROSITA_DE Management Committee and the Chairs of the relevant eROSITA_DE Science Working Groups.

eROSITA_DE Contacts

​eROSITA PI: Andrea Merloni, MPE
​eROSITA Project Scientist: Andrea Merloni, MPE
eROSITA Spokesperson: Mara Salvato, MPE

eROSITA_DE Science Working Group Chairs

Clusters and Cosmology: E. Bulbul, MPE
AGN, Blazars: K. Nandra, MPE
Normal Galaxies: F. Haberl, MPE
Compact objects: A. Schwope, AIP
Stars: J. Robrade, UHH
Solar System: K. Dennerl, MPE
Diffuse Emission, SNR: M. Sasaki, FAU
Time Domain Astrophysics:  J. Wilms, FAU
Data Analysis, Source Extraction, Catalogs: M. Ramos-Ceja, MPE
Multi-wavelength Follow-up: M. Salvato, MPE
Calibration: K. Dennerl, MPE
Background: M.Freyberg, MPE

Members of AAL/eROSITA_DE Management Committee

Werner Becker, MPE
Thomas Reiprich, Bonn
Mara Salvato, MPE

Vanessa Moss, CASS

Roger Clay, Adelaide
Stefania Barsanti, ANU
Christian Wolf, ANU

The Management Committee meets every three months. Vanessa Moss is the Science Lead for Australian eROSITA activities.

Contacts for the Australian collaboration

Vanessa Moss, CASS: [email protected]
Kate Barnard, AAL: [email protected]