ACAMAR FRB Workshop abstract submission extended to 13 August

Acamar (Eridani) is a bright naked-eye star visible from both Australia and China. Credit: ACAMAR.

The deadline for abstract submission to the ACAMAR Fast Radio Burst (FRB) workshop has been extended until 13 August 2021.

This workshop has a webpage – see here for more details and for the submission portal:
FRBs are an enigmatic class of extragalactic radio transients currently attracting great scientific interest.  ASKAP (Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder) and FAST (Five-hundred-meter Apeture Spherical radio Telescope) are at the forefront of this fast-moving field, with groups in both Australia and China interpreting the data to study both FRBs themselves and to use them for cosmology. 
The workshop will run from 12-14th October 2021, and cover any and all topics related to FRBs, including, but not limited to:
  • Recent observational results
  • Population studies and FRB cosmology
  • Host galaxies and multiwavelength follow-up
  • Progenitor modeling and radiation mechanisms
  • Hardware, FRB search algorithms, upgrades, and future instruments
As this is a workshop (not a conference), new ideas and works-in-progress are encouraged to be presented, along with those submitting more polished results.
Please submit your abstracts via the workshop website (also listed above). Any queries can be sent to one of the workshop organisers, Dr Robert Shen, AAL Director of eResearch & ACAMAR Local Organising Committee ([email protected]).

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