Australia/eROSITA_DE Joint Collaboration Workshop

15 February 2021 - 17 February 2021Free
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Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) hosted a three-day online Australia/eROSITA joint collaboration workshop on February 15-17, 2021.

At the end of 2020, the eROSITA (extended ROentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array) instrument onboard Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma satellite completed its second survey of the full sky at X-ray wavelengths. At the mission completion, eROSITA will have performed eight all-sky surveys. The existing eROSITA data already surpass those coming from previous all-sky X-ray surveys, having much greater depth, image quality, and spectral coverage.

The eROSITA data offer the opportunity to study extremely energetic events across vast scales in the Universe, from accreting binary systems at stellar scales to 10 million degree shocks driven by galaxy cluster mergers. However, the full scientific exploitation of the eROSITA data requires a multi-wavelength approach. With a strong suite of local wide-field radio and optical astronomy surveys and facilities, the Australian community are well-placed to link with our German eROSITA colleagues in order to make the most of exciting new opportunities for multi-wavelength astronomy projects across the southern sky.


The aim of the online workshop was to bring together members of the Australian and German eROSITA communities to discuss the progress of ongoing collaborative projects, as well as to foster ideas for new projects.

The eROSITA Workshop ran between the hours of 6:30pm and 9pm AEDT (8:30am and 11am CET).

This was a free event, held via Zoom, and included short contributed talks and an opportunity for discussions and networking (around 40 minutes at the end of each day) on Gather, see images below.

Day 1 of the Australian/eROSITA_DE Joint Collaboration Workshop 2021. Credit: Mara Salvato.
The Gather ‘park’ interface, where participants were able to virtually network after each day of the eROSITA Workshop. Credit: Mara Salvato.
The Gather ‘pub’ interface, where participants were able to virtually network after each day of the eROSITA Workshop. Credit: Mara Salvato.
Workshop Program

Monday 15th February

SpeakerTalk TitleLink to slidesLink to recordings
Matt OwersWelcome and IntroductionRecording
Andrea MerlonieROSITA OverviewSlidesRecording
Session 1 & 2: AGNs & BHs
SpeakerTalk TitleLink to abstractLink to slidesLink to recordings
Christian WolfThe SkyMapper Southern SurveyAbstractSlidesRecording
David BogensbergereROSITA and 2dF/AAOmega observations of variable AGN in the SEPAbstractSlides
Scott CroomThe diversity of local eROSITA sources probed by SAMIAbstract
Velibor VelovićMultiwavelength study of the recollimating kiloparsec-scale AGNjets in the large nearby elliptical galaxy NGC 2663Abstractćc_ABSTRACT.pdf
Riccardo ArcodiaFollow-up of eROSITA Quasi-Periodic EruptionsAbstractSlidesRecording

Tuesday 16th February

Session 1 & 2: Galaxy Clusters & Time domain
SpeakerTalk TitleLink to abstractLink to slidesLink to recordings
Thomas ReiprichThomas Reiprich A 50 million lightyear X-ray emission filament surrounding the Abell 3391/95 system discovered by eROSITAAbstractSlidesRecording
Marcus BrüggenRadio observations of the merging galaxy cluster system Abell 3391-Abell 3395AbstractRecording
​Jacob Ider ChithameRASS Cluster RedshiftsAbstractRecording
Johan ComparatMeasuring galaxy cluster redshifts with the AAT infrastructureAbstractRecording
Matt OwerseROSITA X-ray properties of clusters in the Hector Galaxy SurveySlidesRecording
Iuliia GrotovaANU/WiFeS follow up of Tidal Disruption Events from eRASS1 & eRASS2AbstractSlides
Tara Murphy​The ASKAP Variables and Slow Transients (VAST) SurveyAbstractSlidesRecording
​​Daniele d'AntonioA new eye on time domain in the era of SKA precursors and e-RositaAbstractSlidesRecording
​​Arash Bahramian​Searching for faintly accreting black holes in Globular clustersAbstractRecording
​​​Gemma AndersonBlack holes accreting at extreme rates: radio follow-up of eROSITA-detected tidal disruption eventsSlidesRecording
​Nick SeymourThe GLEAMing of the First Black HolesSlidesRecording
​Vanessa Moss​Connecting HI and X-ray absorption in distant AGN with FLASH/eROSITAAbstractSlidesRecording
​Clancy James​​Multiwavelength Constraints on the Nature of Fast Radio BurstsAbstractSlidesRecording

Wednesday 17th February

Session 1 & 2: Milky Way sources and the Magellanic Clouds & SNRs
SpeakerTalk TitleLink to abstractLink to slidesLink to recordings
Manami SasakiThe hot interstellar medium in the Magellanic CloudsAbstract
Miroslav FilipovicMulti-frequency surveys of Magellanic CloudsAbstractSlides
Devika KamathJet creation in evolved binary starsAbstractRecording
Gavin RowellPeVatrons at X-ray EnergiesAbstractSlidesRecording
Natasha Hurley-WalkerRadio and X-ray observations of Galactic SNR and SNR CandidatesAbstractSlidesRecording
Werner BeckerHOINGA – A Supernova Remnant Discovered in the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey eRASS1Abstract
Rami AlsaberiA New Radio Continuum study of Supernova Remnant 1E0102-72AbstractSlidesRecording
Chandreyee MaitraTracing the flux evolution of SN1987AAbstract


15 February 2021
17 February 2021
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