Call for Nominations to AAL Committees

Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) is seeking nominations from members of the astronomy community willing to serve in one of several capacities.

AAL is looking to appoint:

  1. Six members of the AAL Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
  2. Two members of the AAL Project Oversight Committee (APOC)
  3. One member of the AAL-eROSITA_DE Management Committee
  4. Three members of the AAL Astronomy Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee (ASTAC)
  5. Four members of the Astronomy Data and Computing Services Time Allocation Committee (ADACS TAC)
  6. Three members of the ACAMAR Australian Advisory Committee
  7. One member of the AAT Time Allocation Committee (ATAC)

Detailed descriptions of the positions for each committee can be found in the blue links in the list above.

If you wish to apply for any of these positions, please email AAL at [email protected] with a maximum three-page application that includes:

  1. The name of the position
  2. A brief CV
  3. A statement outlining your relevant expertise and addressing the selection criteria
  4. Any relevant conflicts of interest.

Applications for all positions close on Friday 14th October 2022, 8:00 PM AEDT. Late applications will not be accepted.

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