AAL awarded additional $1.4M for the GWDC and ESO-related computing projects

AAL is delighted to have been awarded an additional $1.4M from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program to support the Gravitational Wave Data Centre (GWDC) and computing projects related to the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

The GWDC will utilise this funding to maintain operations and support the Summed Parallel Infinite Impulse Response (SPIIR) pipeline. Designed to detect cosmic gravitational wave signals from coalescing binary neutron stars and black holes in real time, the pipeline will contribute to a globally coordinated all-sky survey set to run from late 2022 until 2024. This will be the longest and most sensitive observing run ever conducted, involving gravitational wave detectors located in the US, Italy and Japan.

Additionally, astronomy data and computing infrastructure projects related to Australia’s engagement with ESO will be supported via this funding. This encompasses the recruitment and retainment of specialist resources to work on the enhanced data access program, key aspects of Optical Data Centre infrastructure, and the provision of software support to researchers using ESO resources via Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS).

For all funding decisions, AAL is guided by the priorities of the Decadal plan for Australian astronomy (2016-2025) and the Mid-term review. AAL understands that ESO membership is a top priority alongside the SKA, and the direct detection of gravitational waves offers an emerging opportunity.

For more information on this funding allocation, please contact AAL CEO Mark McAuley.

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