Australian LSST Workshop 2022

12 December 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm AEDT
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LSST Camera

AAL was proud to host the 2022 Australian LSST Workshop, held online on Monday 12 Dec 2022 from noon-5pm AEDT (9am-2pm AWST).

AAL, ADACS, and AAO Data Central are gearing up to provide in-kind software engineering effort to Rubin Observatory, as well as host an International LSST Data Access Centre (IDAC) in Australia, to be funded through a combination of an ARC LIEF grant and NCRIS funding. This will enable LSST data access rights for 47 Australian PIs, and a further 188 Junior Associates (JAs). This workshop provided a showcase for our community of PIs and JAs to describe the work they are doing to prepare for LSST science, and outline use cases for the Australian IDAC.

Image: The newly-completed LSST Camera. Credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer Orrell/@SLAClab

Workshop program
Time (AEDT)Time (AWST)SpeakerTitle
12:009:00Stuart Ryder (AAL)Welcome
12:059:05Sarah Brough (UNSW)Update on Australia's engagement with LSST
12:259:25Leanne Guy (Rubin Observatory)Update on Rubin construction and commissioning
12:409:40Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne/ADACS) & Simon O'Toole (Macquarie/Data Central)IDAC and Software Plans
12:559:55Aaron Robotham (ICRAR/UWA)WAVES and LSST
13:1010:10Sabine Bellstedt (ICRAR/UWA)Photometric catalogues for the WAVES-DDF survey, to overlap with the LSST DDF
13:2510:25Rossana Ruggeri (UQ/SUT)Towards a better understanding of Dark Energy with DESI and LSST
13:4010:40Cristina Martinez-Lombilla (UNSW)Preparing for low surface brightness studies with LSST: intra-group light in Subaru HSC PDR2 data
13:5510:55Alice Desmons (UNSW)Tidal Features and Self-Supervised Machine Learning
14:4011:40Chris Lidman (ANU)Supernova Cosmology in the era of LSST
14:5511:55Anais Moller (Swinburne)Transient classification in the LSST era
15:1012:10Jamie Soon (ANU)DREAMS - A near-infrared survey telescope and combining time-domain datasets
15:2512:25Duncan Forbes (Swinburne)Ultra Diffuse Galaxies
15:4012:40Timothy Holt (USQ)Astrocladistics of Small Solar system body populations using LSST
15:5512:55Nick Seymour (ICRAR/Curtin)Finding the First Black Holes with LSST and Australian Radio Surveys
16:1013:10Rob PikeLSST's early years: the data view
16:2513:25Tamara Davis (U. Queensland)My visit to Rubin Observatory
16:4013:40Karelle Siellez (U. Tasmania)Observing Strategies for follow-up of gravitational wave events with Rubin Observatory
16:5013:50Sarah Brough (UNSW)Discussion & plans for 2023
17:0014:00Meeting close






Stuart Ryder
Sarah Brough