Australian LSST Workshop 2022

December 12 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm AEDT
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LSST Camera

AAL is proud to host the 2022 Australian LSST Workshop, to be held online on Monday 12 Dec 2022 from noon-5pm AEDT (9am-2pm AWST).

AAL, ADACS, and AAO Data Central are gearing up to provide in-kind software engineering effort to Rubin Observatory, as well as host an International LSST Data Access Centre (IDAC) in Australia, to be funded through a combination of an ARC LIEF grant and NCRIS funding. This will enable LSST data access rights for 47 Australian PIs, and a further 188 Junior Associates (JAs). This workshop will provide a showcase for our community of PIs and JAs to describe the work they are doing to prepare for LSST science, and outline use cases for the Australian IDAC.

There is no workshop registration fee. To register for the workshop, and optionally submit a title and abstract for a short (~12 min) talk, please fill out the registration form by Wednesday 7 December 2022.

For those unable to attend live, we can present a pre-recorded presentation on your behalf, as well as provide a temporary link to a recording of the workshop on request. Please contact Sarah Brough ([email protected]) or Stuart Ryder ([email protected]) if you have any questions about the event. We look forward to seeing you online during the event!

Image: The newly-completed LSST Camera. Credit: Jacqueline Ramseyer Orrell/@SLAClab

Preliminary Workshop program
Time (AEDT)Time (AWST)SpeakerTitle
12:009:00Stuart Ryder (AAL) – WelcomeWelcome & update on contractual arrangements
12:109:10Sarah Brough (UNSW)Update on Australia's engagement with LSST
12:259:25TBD (Rubin Observatory)Update on Rubin construction and commissioning
12:409:40Jarrod Hurley (Swinburne/ADACS)IDAC and Software Plans
12:559:55Simon Driver (UWA/ICRAR)WAVES and LSST
13:1010:10Sabine Bellstedt (UWA/ICRAR)Photometric catalogues for the WAVES-DDF survey, to overlap with the LSST DDF
13:2510:25Rossana Ruggeri (UQ/SUT)Towards a better understanding of Dark Energy with DESI and LSST
13:4010:40Cristina Martinez-Lombilla (UNSW)Preparing for low surface brightness studies with LSST: intra-group light in Subaru HSC PDR2 data
13:5510:55Alice Desmons (UNSW)Tidal Features and Self-Supervised Machine Learning
14:2511:25Duncan Forbes (Swinburne)Ultra Diffuse Galaxies
14:4011:40Jamie Soon (ANU)DREAMS - A near-infrared survey telescope and combining time-domain datasets
14:5511:55Anais Moller (Swinburne)Transient classification in the LSST era
15:1012:10Timothy Holt (USQ)Astrocladistics of Small Solar system body populations using LSST
16:2513:25Late-breaking results
16:3513:35Sarah Brough (UNSW) – Discussion & meeting summary
17:0014:00Meeting close






Stuart Ryder
Sarah Brough