Data and Computing Workshop 2019 – ASTRONOMY AUSTRALIA LTD

AAL NCA Data and Computing 
​Workshop 2019 

Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) and the National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) are hosting a one-day Astronomy Data and Computing Workshop to be held in Sydney.
When: Tuesday, 17th September 2019
Where: Room 1&2, AAO-MQ (105 Delhi Rd, North Ryde NSW 2119)
Registration URL:

The purpose of the workshop is to identify the data and computing infrastructure requirements required to address the Astronomy Decadal plan priority, that Australia attains a “world-class high-performance computing (HPC) and software capability for large theoretical simulations, and resources to enable processing and delivery of large data sets from these facilities.” It is intended that the discussion cover both large-scale datasets and computing in both the theoretical and observational domains.

The workshop program will be a mix of presentations and group discussions. Outputs of the workshop include:

  1. ​Draft of data and computing infrastructure white paper, as input into the Mid-term Review of the Decadal Plan.
  2. Discussion of the “coordination and interconnection” among three data centres: Australian SKA Regional Centre (AusSRC), the Gravitational Wave Data Centre (GWDC) and the Optical Data Centre (ODC).
  3. Identification of synergies between different streams of investment in HPC. 

Workshop Agenda
The workshop agenda is available here.

Workshop Presentation Slides
Welcome and opening remarks – Rachel Webster
AAL Data and Computing Investment Overview – Robert Shen
Australian SKA Regional Centre Overview – Peter Quinn
National Infrastructure Overview
      ARDC Update – Andrew Treloar
      NCI Update – Sean Smith
      Pawsey Update – Mark Gray
      AARNet Update – David Wilde
Mid-Term Review of the Decadal Plan: Data and Computing – Lister Staveley-Smith

​Workshop Supporting Documents
 Australian SKA Regional Centre 
 Gravitational Wave Data Centre
 Optical Data Centre
 AAL HPC Survey Results 
 A Survey of Computing Usage (By Prof. Mark Krumholz)
 CTA Data Requirements Update

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Robert Shen
[email protected] or (03) 9214 5520

Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith
[email protected] or (08) 6488 4550