Data and Computing Workshop 2018 – ASTRONOMY AUSTRALIA LTD

AAL NCA Data and Computing 
​Workshop 2018

​Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) and the National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) are hosting a one day Astronomy Data and Computing Workshop at Swinburne University (Melbourne) on October 23rd.

The purpose of the workshop is to identify the data and computing infrastructure requirements required to address the Astronomy Decadal plan priority that Australia attain “world-class high-performance computing (HPC) and software capability for large theoretical simulations, and resources to enable processing and delivery of large data sets from these facilities”.

It is intended that the discussion cover both large -scale datasets and computing in both the theoretical and observational domains.
The workshop program will be a mix of presentations and group discussions. Outputs of the workshop include:

  • Draft of a data and computing infrastructure white paper, as input into the Mid-term Review of the Decadal plan. 
  • Input into AAL’s three-year data and computing investment plan. 
  • Identification of synergies between Australian infrastructure investment in SKA, gravitational wave and other data centre investments.
  • Discussion of possible coordination within the Astronomical community of requirements from national providers such as NCI, Pawsey, etc.

​Workshop Agenda 
The workshop agenda is here. 

Workshop Materials
We encourage all workshop participants to read the documents below. These documents will be used to structure and inform the discussions that take place. Workshop participants are also encouraged to make written submissions either before the day or following.

  1. AAL Computing Infrastructure Planning Working Group Report 
  2. ​AAL Data and Computing Framework
  3. Cherenkov Telescope Array Data in ASVO
  4. anita-data-computing-strategy-final.pdf

Workshop Presentations
Astronomy Data and Computing Today
ADACS overview (Jarrod Hurley)

•             ASVO overview (Katrina Sealey)
•             ERIDANUS update (Slava Kitaeff)
•             ASKAPSoft update (JC Guzman)
•             NCI update (Sean Smith)

Infrastructure Investment Overview
•             AAL Data and Computing Investment Strategy (Robert Shen)
•             SKA Investment Overview (Peter Quinn)
•             How ARDC is seeking to catalyse transformational investments (Andrew Treloar)

Target State
•             AusSRC (Peter Quinn)
•             Gravitational Waves Data Center (Matthew Bailes)
•             Optical Data Centre (Chris Wolf & Katrina Sealey)
•             Requirements from Australian Theoretical Community (Daniel Price)