Launch of New Advisory Committees

AAL is very pleased to announce the launch of its Science Advisory and Project Oversight Committees. In order to make informed decisions about the best way to invest in astronomy infrastructure, the AAL Board relies upon strategic and technical advice from its advisory committees. AAL has adopted a new structure for these committees, with effect from July 2018. Four pre-existing advisory committees were dissolved, and two new committees created.

The AAL Science Advisory Committee (ASAC), to be chaired by Professor John Lattanzio of Monash University, will be responsible for providing strategic advice to the board on questions surrounding the infrastructure required to answer the key science questions in the decadal plan. Further details on the committee and its membership can be found here.

​The AAL Project Oversight Committee (APOC), to be chaired by Dr Katrina Sealey of AAO-Macquarie, has responsibility for undertaking regular evaluations of AAL funded projects. Further details on the committee and its membership can be found here.

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