Call for nominations to the ADACS Time Allocation Committee

Applications close on Friday 10th May 2024. If openings remain after all applications received and completed by the deadline have been considered, late applications will be accepted.

Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee whose members are all Australian universities and research organisations with a significant astronomy research capability. Its core business is to manage programs which provide astronomers with access to national astronomy infrastructure, including data and computing infrastructure.

AAL finances a portfolio of infrastructure projects and facilities from Australian Government funding. AAL oversees the progress of these projects and reports regularly on them to the Government.

ADACS TAC Structure and Governance

Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS) is a national initiative created by AAL for the benefit of all Australian-based astronomers. The over-riding goal of ADACS is to provide astronomy-focused training, support and expertise to allow astronomers to maximise the scientific return from data and computing infrastructure. ADACS is funded by and reports to the AAL Board through an AAL appointed committee.

The ADACS Time Allocation Committee (ADACS TAC) is an AAL committee whose purpose is the allocation of data and computing expert service resources to the astronomy community, primarily through a call for applications and the ADACS Merit Allocation Program.

  • Membership of ADACS TAC is approved and appointed by the AAL board.
  • Members are appointed for two-year terms, with the possibility of renewal.
  • The ADACS TAC Chair is appointed for a one-year term and will report to the AAL board.
  • ADACS provides administrative, logistical, and secretarial support for ADACS TAC.
  • ADACS TAC meets and allocates time twice per year via videoconference.
  • ADACS may request advice from ADACS TAC on out-of-session applications or on related matters if such a need arises.

The terms of two ADACS TAC members are expiring shortly, creating two vacancies on the committee from 1 July 2024.


Members of ADACS TAC are experts recognised in their fields through their personal records of achievement (e.g. publication in highly ranked journals, awards and/or software etc.). AAL expects the collective expertise of ADACS TAC to span the breadth of astrophysics, computational techniques and data science areas.

If you consider yourself well placed to contribute to this committee via your expertise and ideas, and share AAL’s vision of wanting Australian astronomy to be world leading and publicly valued, please email [email protected] with a maximum three-page application that includes:

  • A covering letter describing your relevant expertise
  • A brief CV
  • Any relevant conflicts of interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr James Murray, Director of Programs, if you have any questions regarding this position.

AAL is committed to equity and diversity and encourages applications from everyone with the appropriate expertise and skills.

Applications for all positions close on Friday 10th May 2024. If openings remain after all applications received and completed by the deadline have been considered, late applications will be accepted.

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