AAL is seeking a Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer
Applications close 17 Mar 2022
$200,000 FTE (minimum 0.8 FTE)
High impact role – Canberra focus
Contact AAL’s CEO Mark McAuley to discuss this role: 0407 529 290

Astronomy Australia Limited

Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL) is a non-profit organisation, whose members are the universities and research organisations with a significant astronomical research capability. AAL facilitates access to major research facilities for Australian-based astronomers, and encourages the sharing of related technical capabilities to maximise their value to Australia.

Position summary

The Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer (CSPO) is a new externally-focused role that will seek to maximise the economic return from Australia’s strategic partnership with the European Southern Observatory (ESO). The CSPO will be AAL’s key interface with industry, universities and funding agencies in all matters related to ESO.

To be successful, the CSPO will need to build relationships with various stakeholders and increase the engagement of commercial enterprises with ESO. The key success metric by 2024 will be whether a compelling argument exists for Australia to become a full member of ESO.

The CSPO will report to the Chief Executive Officer, operate with a high-degree of autonomy, and be supported by an AAL Board working group.

In addition to increasing the Australian return from ESO, the CSPO will maintain an awareness of all strategic AAL activities.

Experience and qualifications

Applicants will be expected to have:

  • relevant post-graduate qualifications;
  • existing networks to help achieve their goals;
  • an insight into the economic benefits of research infrastructure;
  • experience engaging with major research infrastructure facilities;
  • a hands-on approach to delivering results;
  • a record of identifying and supporting partnerships between publicly funded research organisations and commercial enterprises; and,
  • the ability to effectively communicate across government, university and industry stakeholders.

The successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to develop and execute plans to secure the benefits from the Australian-ESO partnership.

Please contact AAL’s CEO Mark McAuley to discuss this role: 0407 529 290

Applications close 17 Mar 2022.

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