Quasar Satellite Technologies

Quasar Satellite Technologies Pty Ltd

Ground Station as a Service

Quasar is an Australian company focused on providing a world-leading ground station service for satellite operators and users. Based on proprietary Phased Array technology developed at CSIRO, Quasar is building a sovereign space communications solution designed to serve commercial and public sector needs for decades to come. Quasar’s ground station technology will support up to hundreds of simultaneous satellite communications channels and different missions on a single antenna, and provide secure satellite data to a broad range of end computing environments, depending on customer needs.

The Quasar solution uses multiple antenna beams on its phased array to communicate to multiple satellites at once, and decode the individual satellite data to present to end users. Using our advanced satellite tracking and prediction software suite, satellite ground station end users can submit requests and the system will schedule and initiate satellite contact and data downlink.

Collaboration includes researchers at CSIRO.

Quasar Satellite Technologies

Contact: Dr Ilana Feain (PhD)

Project status: Launched May 2021

Project partners: CSIRO

Project website: www.quasarsat.com