AAO Research Data and Software (RDS)

AAO Research Data and Software (RDS)
Macquarie University

Capability Statement 

AAO Research Data and Software (RDS) is one of two technology development programmes at Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO), Macquarie University, working alongside the Instrumentation programme. They deliver specialised software and data services to Australian and international astronomers, along with project management and research systems administration expertise.

The RDS team is staffed by software and data engineers, UX/UI developers and research systems administrators, with a range of backgrounds, including many with postgraduate degrees in astrophysics. They have substantial expertise is managing software projects and the systems engineering involved in astronomical instrumentation, as well as large-scale data management and engineering. They provide an important link between researchers and the software systems required to reduce, process and analyse data from telescopes around the world, and they help facilitate collaboration between distributed research teams. 

Summary of Capabilities

Specific capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • System analysis and design

  • Instrument and hardware control

  • Data engineering and management

  • Data reduction, processing and analysis software

  • Large-scale database optimisation

  • Full-stack web development

  • User experience and interface design

  • Mobile application development

  • Collaboration software development

  • Systems administration and management

  • Agile software development and project management.

An RDS project – European Southern Observatory (ESO) data pipelines. Image: The Very Large Telescope. Credit: ESO/S. Brunier.