Project Updates

eROSITA was launched onboard the SRG satellite on July 13, 2019. It provides all-sky X-ray imaging at 0.3-8 keV with 15″-30″ angular resolution, and covers galactic longitudes 180 < l < 360. 

Calibration and Performance Verification Observations officially started on October 13, and were completed on December 8, 2019. The CalPV data release is planned (TBC). See below for approved eROSITA_DE PV observations.

The first eROSITA all-sky survey was completed in June 2020, revealing a spectacular vision of the hot and energetic universe. The result has created a new map for astronomers, with this new survey capturing over one million objects – far exceeding the number discovered by previous X-ray telescopes. See more information here.


  • Merging clusters A3391/3395 (2.5×2.5 deg2 scan; 100ks). Oct 7-8 and Oct 17
  • LMC N132D (Pointed, 48ks). Oct 10
  • NLSy1 1H0707-495 (Pointed; 40ks). Oct 11
  • Isolated NS, PSR B0656+14 (Pointed; 100ks), Oct 15
  • LMC SNR 1987A (Pointed, 80ks). Oct 19
  • Comet-C2018W2 (Pointed 50ks). Oct 24
  • TGUH2213P1 Dark Cloud (Pointed; 56ks), Oct 26
  • eFEDS mini survey (GAMA09; 120 deg2 scan 360ks). Nov 3-7
  • eta Chamaeleontis Star Cluster (5×5 deg2 scan; 150ks). Nov 17-18
  • NGC 7793 P13 ULX (Pointed; 60ks). Nov 19
The energetic universe as seen with the eROSITA X-ray telescope.
The energetic universe as seen with the eROSITA X-ray telescope. Image credit: Jeremy Sanders, Hermann Brunner and the eSASS team (MPE); Eugene Churazov, Marat Gilfanov (on behalf of IKI).