An ASKAP antenna at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory. Image Credit: Ant Schinckel, CSIRO.




Quarterly update: October 2010

2009/10 Annual Report

AAL has published its 2009/10 Annual Report. This year's publication includes science highlights as well as the usual financial statements and yearly NCRIS Progress Report to DIISR. Please contact AAL for a hard copy of this publication.

Magellan Contract

AAL has signed a contract with Carnegie Institute for Science for the purchase of 30 nights on the Magellan telescopes. The nights will be available over two years from semester 2011A to 2013A inclusive. Nights are to be allocated by the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC).


On 2nd September 2010, AAL held an astronomy-eResearch meeting at CSIRO. Attendees from astronomy were Darren Croton, Brian Boyle, Andrew Hopkins and Peter Quinn. eResearch attendees included representatives from DIISR, NCI, Intersect, ANDS, ARCS, AeRIC and AARNet. Discussions centred on the ways in which astronomy could work with eResearch providers to realise federation of optical and radio astronomy data and take advantage of future investments in this area.

New initiatives from DIISR include NeCTAR (National eResearch Collaboration and Tools and Resources), a $47M Super Science program, and RDSI (Research Data Storage Infrastructure) a $50M initiative. At the beginning of October AAL met with NeCTAR to discuss their consultation process. The consultation paper was released by NeCTAR on Friday 8th October.

AAL will work with current eResearch providers to formulate a response to the NeCTAR consultation plan. Recommendations given the HPCWG's Final report to the AAL Board will inform AAL's response to NeCTAR.

AAL Factsheets

The first in a series of AAL factsheets is now available online: "PLATO: Antarctic plateau robotic observatories". Printed copies of the factsheet will be available from AAL shortly.