HERMES spectrograph

Commissioned in early 2014. Officially launched in April 2014.

The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) has developed and deployed a new Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) instrument, the HERMES high-resolution spectrograph. The primary science driver for HERMES is Galactic archaeology, through the GALAH survey, which will help unravel the history of the Milky Way by chemically fingerprinting a million stars and reconstructing the formation sequence of the Galaxy.

HERMES was initially funded as part of the Australian Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and received further funds under the Australian Government's Education Investment Fund (EIF) to add a fourth-arm to the original three-arm design. Commissioning of HERMES was completed in early 2014 and the instrument is now being used by the GALAH team.


HERMES Collimator mirror and mount ready to ship for coating. Image credit: AAO HERMES Project.

Official launch of HERMES

HERMES was officially launched on 16th April 2014 by the Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO). AAL's CEO Mark McAuley attended the launch and took the photos below.



The Anglo-Australian Telescope






Minister Macfarlane opening HERMES



Minister Macfarlane and Prof Warrick Couch, Director AAO


Key Contact

Prof Warrick Couch, AAO Director.