Closed AAL Committees:

  • Antarctic Astronomy Advisory Committee (AAAC): AAAC was created as an independent committee in early 2007 and incorporated as an AAL advisory committee on 31st October 2007. AAAC advised the AAL Board on Antarctic astronomy infrastucture matters. AAAC ceased being an active advisory committee in 2013 and was formally closed in 2014, with Antarctic astronomy infrastructure matters overseen by the AAL Board and AAL's three active advisory committees, as appropriate.
  • Australian GMT Advisory Committee (AGMTAC): AGMTAC was established in 2007 to monitor and assess the progress of the GMT project and to advise the AAL Board on matters relating to Australian participation in the GMT project using NCRIS funds. AGMTAC was closed in 2010.
  • Astronomy NCRIS Strategic Options Committee (ANSOC): A special purpose committee established during 2008 to assess the options for optical presented in Astronomy NCRIS Investment Plan and recommend possible uses of the Astronomy NCRIS Strategic Options funds.
  • Eurpoean Southern Observatory Working Group (ESOWG): Active from 2009 - 2011, ESOWG was tasked with building the case for Australian membership of ESO.
  • High Performance Computing Working Group (HPCWG): the HPCWG was established for a year in 2009 - 2010 to monitor, assess and advise the AAL Board on HPC infrastructure and potential investments for Australian astronomers.